She opened a beauty salon in New York and now helps women victims of violence

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Millions of women suffer physical and psychological violence in the world, but fortunately there are good-hearted people who offer their support. One of them is the Hispanic Carmen Ledesma, who opened a beauty salon in the United States many years ago and began to learn closely the stories of her clients who were victims of violence.

When she was young, Carmen Ledesma graduated as a nurse in Paraguay, but she became more interested in styling, because in her spare time she helped a relative who ran a hair salon, according to what she said in an interview with Univision. She was interested in this field, she trained in other countries (Argentina, Germany, France among others) and her life smiled at her: she opened three beauty salons and everything was prosperous.

After some problems along the way, she immigrated to the United States with her husband and worked as a hairstylist in Queens, New York. In this country, she suffered physical violence from her partner and she divorced him.

She opened her own beauty salon.

With three children in her care, the Hispanic did not intimidate and continued working on what she was passionate about. Her great effort paid off shortly after: she opened her own beauty salon and then she created the first Spanish-language Higher Technical School of Beauty in New York.

In addition to training women, she set out to defend those who suffered violence from their partners. Graduates manage to excel and fend for themselves. Meanwhile, the clients of the Paraguayan woman receive advice, information on security plans and other signs of support.

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