She lost weight for her wedding and now reveals why she regrets it

Here we present Laura Fragoso, a woman who apparently lives in the United States. Much has been said about her in the social networks because he said that he lost weight for his wedding and assured that he regrets having done that.

The girl was clear in pointing out that, long before the big day, she bought a size 6 wedding dress and forced herself to fit into it, when in reality her size was between 8 and 10. “I grew up listening my whole life to various women in my family: ‘I weighed 100 pounds when I got married.’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase!”he stressed in a video that he posted on his account TikTok ().

“I didn’t starve, I didn’t go on a strict diet, but I was very restrictive with what I ate, I also exercised non-stop. I got so stressed that I ended up having palpitations and to this day I have an extra heartbeat, which I didn’t have before I planned my wedding.”he added.

Eventually, she lost weight and managed to fit into the dress she purchased. “Now, when I look at my wedding photos, I don’t even recognize myself. My features are too angular, my eyes are too big for my face. It’s probably just me. My friends and family tell me I look good, but I don’t look like myself.”he indicated.

Despite everything, Laura Fragoso stated that she had a beautiful wedding. “At the end of the day, I ended up marrying my best friend, but I wish when I looked at the photos again, I saw more of me”held.

Then he said that after his wedding, he returned to old habits, which is why he gained weight; however, she now loves her body more than ever. “All of this to say, ‘You don’t need to lose weight for your wedding. If that’s your goal and that will benefit you beyond your wedding day, then go for it.”he pointed.

“But if you’re doing it because you’ve also heard this narrative that a bride has to weigh 100 pounds on her wedding day, then you need to get off the scale. And you must remember that your value has nothing to do with the number on a scale or a measure., he added. According to many users thanked Laura for sharing her life experience.

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