"She invited me to her hut" : Antoine de Maximy as a couple, this meeting "unexpected" that he has not forgotten!

Want to travel from the sofa? Antoine de Maximy is there for that. Indeed, the most famous of globetrotters can be found on RMC Discovery this Friday, July 29, with two reruns of I will sleep at your house. A first in which we will be able to find his trip to Mexico, in 2008, of which he has very good memories. And a second with his stay in Windhoek, capital of Namibia, in 2013, when he was invited “in the box” of a young woman.

In addition to these special moments offered by the globetrotter to viewers, he recently admitted to having experienced some complicated situations depending on the filming. He admitted, for example, to having been tempted by drugs for the filming of I will go to sleep at Burning Man. “I will go to sleep at Burning man, I abused weird substances”he admits to our colleagues from Tele-Leisure before swinging: “But I had already let myself be trapped… In South Korea, with little grandpas, I shared glasses of rice wine and a chewing grass. Result: six hours of black hole! I continued to turn and, obviously, they laid me down in my car. But I don’t remember anything at all!”.

Ever more memorable encounters

It is rare that a stay with Antoine de Maximy does not reserve its share of surprises and memories that can mark for life. This will once again be the case this Friday, July 29, with the two reruns broadcast by RMC Discovery. On his Instagram account, Magalie’s companion also teased the two upcoming reports, in case some had not yet viewed them. He also took the opportunity to make a funny confidence.

“I landed in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia in 2013. I had a really unexpected encounter there, you’ll see”he recalls first in an Instagram post before specifying: “I also traveled the north of the country where the famous Himba ethnic group is found. The women smear their bodies with earth. Surprising people. And it was in the south, in an isolated village, that I met Laura, a funny young woman, who invited me to her hut. Problem: there was only one bed for her and her two children…”. Viewers will be able to discover how the globetrotter was able to sleep, in a box with only one bed for four.

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