"She has no skills…" Gilles Verdez severe in TPMP, these words that will ulcerate Vanessa Paradis!

This Thursday, November 17, 2022, the tensions were palpable on the Touche set, not at my post. During the show, columnists returned to Lily-Rose Depp’s recent statements regarding her child star status. As the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, the young woman regrets being constantly associated with her parents. She also explained in the columns of the American Elle magazine that ” people have misconceptions about his career.

” Insupportable “

An opinion that Gilles Verdez shares. Visibly shocked by the words of the actress, Fatou’s husband exploded live. ” It’s unbearable what she says “, he thundered at first before continuing: “ She is only famous because she is a child of stars. She has no talent, we can discuss the beauty, but frankly what she says is crazy “. For him, there is no doubt that if she ” was not the daughter of… She would be nothing “.

Words that did not fail to make Matthieu Delormeau react. ” When I hear Gilles but… It’s not possible to say so much bullshit! “Launched the little protege of Cyril Hanouna. Far from letting things go, Gilles Verdez stuck to his guns. Lily-Rose Depp wouldn’t be a star without his parents “, according to him. ” But what do you know about it? Are you saying that to be a star, you have to have star parents? Well then shut your mouth “, added his rival. And to conclude sternly: She’s a model, it’s a job. So it’s not a job for you that’s ugly, but she’s a model “. Atmosphere… It now remains to be seen whether the main concerned will respond to the attacks of her detractor…


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