"She has no more legitimacy than us" : comeback against the Star Ac ‘, a former candidate of the show charges Zazie

Saturday, November 12, the Star Academy paid a vibrant tribute to Grégory Lemarchal, winner of the fourth season and who died in 2007. For this very special evening, in addition to the presence of his parents, Pierre and Laurence Lemarchal, several artists were invited Dadju , Amel Bent, Tayc, Patrick Fiori, Kendji Girac, Matt Pokora or even Zazie to sing with the students.

A program that had annoyed an ex-candidate of the fourth edition. “A bonus Star Academy tribute to Greg without his promo buddies I find it weird I have to be honest luckily there is Karima and Lucie”let loose on Twitter,Francesca Antoniotti. “I’m not going to hide my incomprehension, we shit on our memories. That’s it, it’s said. I’ll be in front anyway…”

A week later, in TPMP PeopleMatthieu Delormeau returned to this subject and asked his columnist if the production had been considered for the former comrades of Grégory Lemarchal to be invited during this evening. “We had heard that it was going to be more or less the case”she replied. “At the time, it touched me a little bit. We saw images, photos of us, scrolling behind. We saw them all sing. It’s part of our history. I just thought it was a shame that we be there, that we are not also there to pay homage because for me Zazie, she has no more legitimacy than us to pay homage to Grégory Lemarchal and even less Fire! Chatterton, which I had never heard of before . I think we had our place”she explained. “If we are in a prime tribute, let’s go to the end of the tribute. Let’s at least sing songs by Grégory”she added.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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