She has an appointment with a subject, but she leaves him because she did not want to pay extra for her hamburger

Dafna has caused tremendous controversy in TikTok when counting the history that she lived next door to a man she went on a date with after meeting him on a dating app. Everything was going well, but he realized he wasn’t the right candidate when, while they were eating, he refused to pay extra money for his burger, so he took his things and left him to dine alone, causing divided criticism. .

He viral video was shared on his channel (@dafna_diamant) where he revealed that the subject in question put objections to paying an extra 3 dollars for a slice of cheese for your burgerthis being the moment that ruined an evening that was going perfectly, which was a turning point for the tiktoker.

They both met on the dating website. hingeThey talked, realized they had things in common and agreed to meet for dinner, but everything ended badly due to a detail that she considers worthy of being stingy: “I’m like what the hell? I’m like ‘ok I’m hungry, I’m going to go get my branzino and see what happens’ and he goes on, he’s like, ‘OMG you have to pay more for everything these days’ and I’m like, ‘yeah. It is the city of NY‘”.

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A text message to say “goodbye”

Then, when he had finished his meal, he excused himself to go to the bathroom: “I took my bag and I went to the waitress and I said, ‘hey, I just want to pay the bill’ and I just paid, I left the restaurant and I texted her, ‘the bill is paid, you should have bought the cheese’ and I I blocked”said the woman of the USA who claimed that the dinner cost 55 dollars.

The video was posted last March 9 and it is accumulating more than 8.3 million viewswhere the reception has been diverse, some support it, while others did not miss the opportunity to criticize it harshly.

“I wonder how you feel reading these comments. I hope you don’t delete this”, “I thought it was about him commenting that his food was too expensive or he didn’t want to pay for the branzino. You are crazy”, “who would pay $3 for a slice of cheese? Does a restaurant with branzino not include cheese on their burgers? Ha ha ha”, “that didn’t mean you had to leave it at the restaurant”.

second date in sight

However, in an update video, dafna He assured that he still talks to the subject, who is so “psychopath” as is the tiktoker. She added that she is a student who does not have a lot of money since half of what she gets she spends paying the rent, but that they will have a second datesince they both laugh at what happened.

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