She had delivered a lethal dose of GHB to a friend: three years in prison

The Tongeren Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced a 38-year-old drug trafficker from Dilsem-Stokkem in Limburg to a three-year prison sentence, partially suspended, and a fine of 8,000 euros, fully suspended. She had delivered a lethal dose of GHB to a friend.

On July 18, 2020, the body of the victim, plagued by drug problems, was discovered in his apartment in Maaseik. She would have succumbed to a lethal mixture comprising GHB and speed. Interviews with family members and acquaintances revealed that the day before her death she had been visited by another woman from Maaseik, from whom she regularly obtained drugs. Four sachets of cannabis, remains of joints as well as two small bottles of Coca-cola containing GHB were found in the apartment.

The trafficker herself said initially that she had come to get GHB and that she had delivered nothing to her that evening. When officers asked if they could check her cell phone, she said she lost it. It was only when she was confronted with the statements of an acquaintance to whom she had to go to Masseik to deliver GHB that she admitted having brought the bottles of coke containing this drug as well as tubes filled with speed.

Several times condemned

This is not the first time that the trafficker has to appear before the criminal court of Tongeren. She has already been convicted seven times for all kinds of offenses, including drug-related, several of which occurred after her friend overdosed.

The criminal court of Tongeren sentenced her for this fatal delivery to a three-year prison sentence, two of which were suspended, on condition that she begin therapy in order to solve her drug problems and that she abandons this environment.

The trafficker will also have to pay a total sum of 18,500 euros to the victim’s family.

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