"She had a salary and it was rather she who filled the fridge" : Omar Sy saved from financial difficulties by his wife Hélène

Currently starring in the film Skirmishers, Omar Sy can boast of being one of the French actors who has shone internationally for several years! The 44-year-old actor, Caesarized in 2012, is successful and lives in Los Angeles, but his beginnings in the industry were quite precarious. This is what he explained during his appearance on the show Yes Hustleaired last Wednesday, January 11 on Youtube.

My first stamps, we were still in francs. When I was doing Le Cinéma de Jamel, I had 1,500 francs. We did it on Wednesdays, so we had four a month. 6,000 bales per month (i.e. 1282 euros to be precise, editor’s note) by having fun, it’s already not bad. I lived from my passion“, he confided. “I worked four days a month… You have a Smic, we recognize you a little in the street and you are in the middle of televisionBeyond being paid to do what we did, what I found crazy was that we weren’t paying much anymore. We spun clothes for you and we didn’t realize we had the impact of wearing a brand. When my daughter was born, I was about at this standard of living“, specified the interpreter of Lupin who was already in a relationship with his wife Hélène, whom he married in 2007 and who exercised the functions of “framework” in the music world.

“She had a salary and it was rather she who filled the fridge”dropped the artist. “I had no problem with that. I was just looking forward to being able to be equal and to participate at a height. But at the same time, it’s beautiful. Me, I had admiration for her. C She’s a determined girl who knows what she’s doing and knows what she’s worth. She was supportive of me and I mostly see her support and that sealed our bond from the start. It also motivated me to succeed. to put it well and to send it back fivefold. My ego does not place itself on this stuff (…) I am a team guy and my wife and I are a team”.

This team was formed almost 26 years ago during which five children were born: Alhadji, Tidiane, Sabah, Amani-Nour and Selly.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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