She graduates as a nurse and sends a strong message to her former teacher

An ironic message became viral in Twitter and it is the new sensation of the social media. Through her account, Internet user Ángela () wrote a curious publication addressed to his former teacher, after having completed his studies and found a job abroad.

Angela Lopez studied Nursing at the Jaume I University of Castellón (Spain). After graduating, the young woman launched a peculiar tweet dedicated to a teacher, as reported . “To my math teacher who said that with my high school average I wouldn’t get into nursing. Hugs and kisses queen.” Indian @angelalopz00.

In a short time, the posting of the recent graduate caused a stir on the platform of the blue bird, as it reached 3,000 ‘retweets’ and more than 65,000 ‘likes’. Even many users confessed to feel identified and shared similar experiences.

The story behind the viral dedication

According to Ángela López’s account, she was clear about what she wanted to study, but her former teacher discouraged her. A teacher must be aware of the influence he has on the students…As we grow up we spend a lot of time studying and the teachers end up having a great impact on the students”, remarked.

Following this line, Angela explained what it means to import motivate and encourage students so that fighting for your goals is among your top priorities.”

In dialogue with the aforementioned portal, @angelalopz00 also revealed that I never imagined that (his publication) would reach so many people”. “I posted it the same way I write other posts from time to time,” added the protagonist of this story.

What are nurses?

A professional nurse (male nurse either nurse professional) is authorized to offer a wide range of health care services, which may include: Taking the patient’s medical history, carrying out a physical examination and ordering procedures and laboratory tests, the site specifies .

What is studied in nursing?

According to the Nursing It is part of the health science, which is responsible for the care and attention of patients, assessing their physical, social and psychological state. Bachelor’s degree in Nursing It consists of training students so that they can develop techniques for patient care.

What are the 4 functions of nursing?

The functions from Nursing They are a fundamental axis and it is made up of four areas of professional practice, these being direct care, teaching, administration and research, the performance of each of them leads to the provision of services to people who consult health services, details the .

What is the most difficult thing about studying Nursing?

There is no college course hardso the Nursingwill obviously not be an exception. It is a very demanding career in which the students are squeezed a lot, but they must do it to ensure that they are trained to work caring for patients in hospitals, details the website .

How many years do you study to be a nurse?

Being a nurse either male nurse it takes an average of four years, however, it can be a little longer or shorter depending on the program in which you prepare, the website specifies .

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