She got pregnant at 13, chose to have her baby and has no regrets

Olivia Rose, when she was barely 13 years old, became pregnant. Now 19, the Newcastle, England woman says she has no regrets choosing to have her baby at a very young age. The details of her story, which became a trend in TikTokyou will find them here.

While pregnant, many people around her asked her if she was really sure she wanted to have that living being, as the girl herself revealed in a viral video that she shared on the platform ().

She, despite all the difficulties that were going to be presented to her, decided not to have an abortion. This is how she ended up giving birth at the age of 14, according to information provided by . Currently, she is already an adult woman. She is 19 and she assured, in the description of the clip, that that decision was the best that she made in her life.

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the best decision i’ve ever made🤍

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Olivia Rose is very happy with her daughter and shows it in every recording she posts on her Twitter account. TikTok. But returning to the viral video that motivated this note, it is necessary to mention that, in that publication, many people were encouraged to criticize women who, unlike her, having been in a similar situation, chose to have an abortion.

Your opinion on abortion

The protagonist of this story did not like that at all, who ended up commenting on the following: “Can I also say that I will remove any comments I see shaming women for abortion? Yes, I kept my baby, but some people can’t and sometimes abortion is the best option for both mother and baby. Professional choice all the way. Abortion is health care”. Users from different parts of the world did not hesitate to applaud that answer he gave.

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