She fell in love with Shatterhand and Barker: Love broke love

But the love for the charismatic Lex remained unfulfilled. The skirter Barker could tell, but the Bible-raised Mary honored the Ten Commandments. Lex was married for the fourth time, and his wife, Swiss actress Irene Labhart, was battling deadly leukemia. “Knowing that I hurt a sick person, I probably wouldn’t be able to live. “Being free, everything turned out differently,” Versini recalled.

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Lex soothed her

“When director Reinl introduced me to Lex Barker in Croatia, I fell to my knees. I immediately fell in love with him, “Versini never hid. But she experienced a shock on the first day of filming! Director Reinl ordered that he die first in the hands of Barker, and that the next days he met him, he would resurrect him and watch his struggle for life and death with her father Incheon. “But what could be done? Lex tried to comfort me and said, “Take it so that you have the hardest scene from the movie behind you. Then you’ll just pack me, “Versini described.

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She didn’t see him

In the same year, 1962, as Vinnetou, the film Treasure on Silver Lake was made, in which Versini was already dead as Nsho-chi. At that time, Barker’s wife could not bear her fight with leukemia and committed suicide. She overdosed on medication. Versini could have a free field. But fate wanted it differently, she never filmed with Barker again.

Lex died on the street

In 1972, Barker got engaged to actress Karen Kondazian and was on her sixth wedding. But that did not happen. He died three days after his 54th birthday as he walked downtown New York for his love. His heart stopped working right on the street.

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