She divorces her husband after 14 years of marriage to meet her “soul mate” and he rejects her

Through its social network, Amanda Trenfield shared an experience with a sad outcome. The woman decided to end her 14-year marriage after meeting her “soul mate” on a trip to Australia. Determined and sure that her love relationship could improve, she ended up being rejected by Jason. His story is viral and was shared on many platforms.

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After what happened, Trenfield wrote a book called (“When a soulmate says no”). On its website, the Australian media published an excerpt from it.

In the article, you can learn some details of the woman’s experience. She said that it all started when she accompanied her husband to a three-day conference in Australia, which she saw as a perfect opportunity to get closer to him, since she had grown distant from her.

It was during a formal dinner that he met the subject in question, whom he identified as Jason. Quickly, she felt a great connection with him and an “instant familiarity” that caught her attention.

In this way, they spent the entire evening talking, sharing their dishes and drinking a few glasses of wine. Amanda assured that she had never experienced anything like this, so when she said goodbye to Jason she whispered in his ear that she needed to see him again. Then the man put her hands on her waist and said “Yes”.

“I have never felt anything like this before. She had never experienced this feeling.”said the woman.

“The life that I had built did not matter”

The following days were difficult for Amanda since she couldn’t stop thinking about the guy she met during her trip. As she said she, “The life that I had built for 20 years did not matter. I had just met my soulmate. What could be more important than that?.

After four weeks, she decided end their marriage of 14 yearsdespite not having any kind of communication with Jason because his plan was to return with him.

“The woman who had always been so careful, so planned, so organized and so clear about the path her life would take, had just made the most dramatic decision of her life, one that affected those she loved the most: her family.”

It is here that the quoted medium culminates the excerpt from the book, omitting the part where Jason rejects Trenfield.

social media discussion

The story quickly on social networks and generated an intense debate between those who supported and criticized Trenfield’s decision.

He ruined his life for nothing! One of the biggest losses we’ve ever seen”, wrote a user. “Ma’am, your children will read this one day and they’ll know she ruined her family because she got too excited”, Said another, assuring that the woman should not have published her experience.

“She didn’t really ‘ruin’ her life for nothing,” one defender commented. “She left a marriage that probably needed to end, otherwise she wouldn’t have been swayed by another. She seems like she is happy and is making the best of the situation. Her ex-husband is probably happier too. sounds like a win”.

Until now, Trenfield has not spoken after the stir caused by the extract of his book.

Now the woman works as and does not seem to have reconciled with her ex-husband.

What makes someone a soul mate?

according to website , a soulmate is someone who simply understands you. It is a connection of minds, mutual respect, unconditional love and total understanding. It’s about being yourself and knowing, not only that this person is following and understanding your thoughts, but that he is right there with you, side by side.

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