She decides to film herself in the gym and catches a man secretly recording her: “I’m upset”

There are people who when they go to the gym decide to record themselves training. It is a normal practice for many people around the world. Precisely, a young woman chose to do that and discovered that a man was secretly filming her. In the social networks As well as in other parts of the Internet, many Internet users have expressed their outrage at the actions of the subject.

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The girl used her account TikTok (@marziii10) to publicize the video that she recorded herself. In the clip it is seen that he was lifting weights in front of the mirror. Just when he stopped, a stranger passed in front of his cell phone camera, which was located in a strategic place.

This is how he accidentally captured the subject filming her secretly. The young woman realized the actions of the man when she saw the recording in her car. “I am upset”He said in the publication he made a few days ago.

Then, the girl herself released another video where she explained what happened: “So what basically happened was that I was exercising and taking a video of myself to see my progress and my form. So I set my camera, my phone against a machine and this man walked by. And I was like, ‘Oh, I need to move it,’ because it gets in his way. So I apologized and said, ‘Oh no, I’m sorry, are you okay?’ But little did I know that he was recording me. “.


The young woman stressed again that she only noticed the action of the subject when she saw the clip in her car. He then indicated that he could not face it at that time. “He’s lucky he was late for work, otherwise he would have run in and said, ‘What the heck?'”, he assured. Then he added that he already reported what happened to a gym manager and that they will try to identify him with security camera footage.


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