She blabbed: Palina Rojinski is engaged

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She gossiped
Palina Rojinski is engaged

She is one of those celebrities who reveal next to nothing about their private life. It is known that she should have a boyfriend, but not who it is. So this revelation by Palina Rojinski in an interview is probably not intended: She is engaged.

What do we know about Palina Rojinski? Well, that she was born on April 21, 1985 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, for example. That she came to Berlin with her parents as a child after the fall of the “Iron Curtain” in 1991. That she once successfully practiced rhythmic gymnastics and dropped out of college before she finally ended up at MTV in 2009.

We could tell you a few more things about her professional career since that time. For example, that she has since worked in various movies. That she continued her television career as a sidekick for Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko Winterscheidt at Pro7. Or that you could recently experience her as a presenter at the new “Summit of the Quiz Giants” on RTL.

But privately? Apart from a broken love with the Massive-Töne rapper Jean-Christoph Ritter, which was broken in 2013, not much is known. Rojinski is taken, they say. But the 36-year-old keeps to herself who she has been with since when.

“My fiance and me”

Now, however, in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, a not entirely insignificant detail has slipped out of her. Almost in passing, Rojinski mentions that she is engaged.

“Humor has always been important to me and my fiancé and I simply have the best sense of humor,” explains Rojinski, as can be read in the paper in black and white. Probably she wasn’t aware of the attention this statement would attract at the moment. In other words: Rojinski gossiped.

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In any case, the question of who the man at your side is should now occupy some even more intensively. But maybe the secret will soon be revealed – if the wedding bells should ring for the two of them soon.

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