She bitterly regrets having given this nickname to her dog when she was little…: “She only obeys orders if I call her that”

On Reddit, the dog owner explained how the harmless nickname she gave Molly became a real ordeal. Indeed, the young woman says that she once called the dog “Poopy Pants”, which can roughly be translated as “poo in the pants”, and that the animal never responded to another name again.

“I don’t even know where it came from, I guess she had just pooped inside and I was laughing about it, but the nickname stuck. Now ten years have passed, but Molly only responds to others when I call her ‘Poopy Pants’,” laments the mistress.

Naturally, this leads to comical scenes as she walks Molly outside, even as she tries to reacquaint her dog with her real name: “If you pronounce the correct name and its old name quickly, you can gradually teach it to her again. . Most of the time I say Molly, but she really seems to prefer Poppy Pants. »

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