‘Shazam! 2’: Funko collectibles detail the looks of the sequel’s heroes and villains; Check out!

Through Twitter, Rachel Zegler shared an image of collectibles Funko POP that detail the looks of the heroes and villains of ‘Shazam! 2: Fury of the Gods🇧🇷

In addition to her character, Anthea, the news in the cast is Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu, who give life to the villains Hespera and Kalypso, respectively.

In the caption, Zegler he wrote:

“I’m? A Funko POP figure?”

Check out:

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Remembering that the sequence had its age rating released by the MPAA.

The film will be PG-13 (13+) for “action sequences, violence and language”🇧🇷

The premiere is scheduled for March 16, 2023 in national cinemas, a week after ‘Scream 6‘ and a week before ‘John Wick 4🇧🇷

David F. Sandberg returns to the steering chair.

In addition to the return of Levi in the lead role and the introduction of Mirren🇧🇷 liu and Zeglerthe cast has Adam Brody🇧🇷 Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer🇧🇷

Henry Gayden returns as screenwriter, while David F. Sandberg takes over the chair again. Peter Safran joins as a producer.

The original film received critical acclaim (reaching 90% approval on the Rotten Tomatoes website), in addition to having earned more than 365 million dollars at the worldwide box office.

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