Shazam! 2: DC banned director from mentioning hero’s name in the film

Director David F. Sandberg has revealed that DC has not given him permission to name the hero Detective Chimp in Shazam! two.

“I wanted…”, said the filmmaker in an interview with TikToker Henry Calvert (via The Direct). “He’s from DC, and I wanted to put a reference to him in the movie, but we weren’t allowed to.”

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In the comics, Chimp is a chimpanzee with superhuman-level intelligence who solves crimes while sporting a Sherlock Holmes-like look. He first appeared in DC comics in 1952.

Detective Chimp

More on Shazam! two

In Shazam! In Fury of Gods, Zachary Levi reprises his role as Shazam, a character who was also known as Captain Marvel in older comic books.

Zachary Levi returns to the lead role, as well as actors Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Grace Fulton, Djimon Hounson, among others.

In turn, the new actresses who were cast, Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu and Rachel Zegler, live the film’s antagonists.

The direction is again by David F. Sandberg, while the script is by Chris Morgan, known for the Fast and Furious franchise.

Shazam! Fury of Gods (Shazam! 2) is now showing in theaters.

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