Sharon is bald: Bachelorette fans are excited!

The Bachelorette gets a lot of encouragement! The new rose distributor Sharon Battiste (30) has been suffering from hair loss for years and is therefore bald. She usually hides this under wigs – right at the beginning of the season she presented herself to viewers without hair and doesn’t want to hide on the net either: she confidently took sexy photos of herself without a wig. And the fans are very enthusiastic about Sharon’s look and her courage!

Under the celebrity flash-Post on the images Instagram The fans overturn themselves with compliments for the former Cologne 50667 actress. “Super strong that she is so open about it!”, for example, a user was happy about her handling of the supposed blemish. “Respect! She has a really expressive face and she’s really pretty,” agreed another. And according to some rose fans, it could Sharon even always do without artificial hair: “Why a wig at all, she is a very pretty woman. As they say, nothing can disfigure a beautiful person…”

Yet Sharon couldn’t always accept her baldness like that – and has long struggled to accept the disease. However, since she had her hair shaved off completely, she has felt happy and liberated. “I didn’t think it would give me so much ease in life. […] Being bald has given me strength back”she reported gratefully in an interview.

Sharon Battiste, Bachelorette 2022

Instagram / sharonbattiste_

Bachelorette Sharon Battiste in July 2021

Instagram / sharonbattiste_

Sharon Battiste, ex-“Cologne 50667” star

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