Shanny, the dog that survived several days at the bottom of a mineral container

A dog in Australia has starred in a story worthy of a Netflix movie after surviving several days at the bottom of a container where tens of thousands of tons of iron ore were dumped. Rescuers do not explain how she was able to survive her. This is the moving story viral Shanny, the dog who clung to life after suffering an accident.

As reported by the local Australian media outlet , Shanny ran away from home in the port city of Dampier, in the northern state of Western Australia, in a recent thunderstorm.

Days later, their owners received a phone call saying that they had found her inside a dump truck at a nearby Rio Tinto port facility, where trains from inland mines unload iron ore before loading it onto ships.

Travis Burrows is part of Rio Tinto’s emergency response team and was surprised to receive a call which said that a dog had been found trapped in the dump truck. “To be honest, it was a miracle that the dog was still alive”Burrows told .

The workers were shocked to discover that Shanny had survived for days inside the dump truck. (Photo: ABC News)

miraculously survived

“This is the first time I’ve heard of a dog falling out of a dump truck”, indicated. Shanny is believed to be had been in the tipper for two days with around 600 wagon loads of ore dumped there each day.

Each ore wagon can carry more than 100 tons of iron orewhich means that the dog managed to avoid more than 100,000 tons in two days.

“There was so much mineral coming out that I don’t know how that dog survived”Burrows said. “Possibly, where it fell, got stuck somewhere and couldn’t be hit because of the mineral, which is amazing”he added.

Burrows describes it as the incident “crazier” and “most memorable” to which he has had to respond on a Rio Tinto site. “It was a very good result, the dog came out unharmed”says.

Shanny’s rescue soon became the talk of the area. “Everybody walking by was like, ‘Oh, how’s the dog?’”Burrows said.

A member of the emergency response team, Matt Fletcher, after Shanny's rescue from the dump truck.  (Photo: ABC News)

A member of the emergency response team, Matt Fletcher, after Shanny’s rescue from the dump truck. (Photo: ABC News)

Shanny’s owner, Eloise Dortch, said that is incredibly grateful to the people involved in the rescueincluding a local park ranger, and is surprised the dog came out with only a few scratches.

“She’s totally back to her normal self, being a bit bossy and telling us when we should take her for a walk”Dortch said.

After bringing the dog home, Dortch He took her inside to get a drink of water. “Gave it a little shake and I learned how much iron ore dust you can have on your kitchen floor”said.

After a review by the vet, Shanny was released and sent home.

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