Shanna Kress pregnant with twins: This crazy rumor that stirs up the Web about her pregnancy

It’s no longer a secret that Shanna Kress is about to become a mother. On May 1, the former Marseille star announced that she was pregnant with twins. A news that had aroused strong reactions. But while the pretty brunette and her companion are over the moon, a shadow has been added to the picture. Indeed, a rumor concerning the pregnancy of the singer has been stirring up the Web for a few days.

A natural pregnancy?

On social networks, some Internet users are formal. Shanna reportedly had IVF. ” For information, they left for Turkey 25 weeks ago. From there they traveled to the Cyprus Fertility Clinic (which allows patients to choose the sex of the child and the number of children, like in the USA). So there is nothing natural about this pregnancy. Many influencers or stars use it. »

A statement that did not fail to piss off the future dad. Without further ado, Jonathan Matijas therefore took possession of his Instagram account in order to put an end to the rumors. In story, he explained as follows: Little “rogues” have tried to start rumours… Even if it’s ridiculous, saying nothing is leaving room for doubt so I prefer to be clear. No, my darling and I did not do IVF or any other procedure to conceive our twins. »

Amused by the situation, he even added: “ It is all that is more natural, that is to say that a stork will soon drop them off at our door. I prefer to laugh at your madness, and tell you that NO, we did not want to start a trend. “And to conclude:” Our treasures are the fruit of our love and also a little thanks to the performances of dad’s superhero. That is what is said!


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