Shanna Kress pregnant: One of her future twins with Down syndrome? The verdict is in…

Remember, Monday, May 30, 2022, on their channel Youtube baptized A guy, a girlShanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas have announced that one of their babies has a 98% chance of having Down’s syndrome.

A few days later, Friday June 10, 2022, the couple published a new video in which they announced that they had obtained the final verdict. One of the babies is indeed a carrier of trisomy 21. “So we asked the doctor to terminate the pregnancy of the baby with Trisomy 21. It’s difficult but it’s our choice. So we had to sign a document and we will have to keep the two children until childbirth”they declared to the attention of their fans.

“We are happy to be faced with this truth. Even if it is not easy, because there is one who will have his heart which will stop”said the future young dad. “It’s you who signs the judgment of his heart, it’s not easy. But we do it for our reasons (…) It belongs to us”. The future parents, for example, indicated that they did not want to abandon one of the two children, since the other will need more attention. “We needed a few hours to cry, to hug, to discuss”. The video was made several hours after the news was given by the doctors. “We kinda expected it, but you still have a glimmer of hope,” Shanna said.

Although they have received many messages of support on social networks, they expect to receive attacks on this painful decision at the same time.

“People can judge, say what they want, but children with Down syndrome are complicated. They will be criticized all their lives. Daily life is complicated. As parents, it’s complicated” , said the ex-figure of Angels and Marseilles.

The beautiful brunette informed that she will surely stop the episodes on her Youtube channel.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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