Shanna Kress in a relationship with Jonathan Matijas, she admits to having fallen pregnant several times before being with him

Shanna Kress in love with Jonathan Matijas, she reveals a video that melts Internet users. And on social networks, some of them criticized her for not having returned to the United States to recover her two dogs. Shanna then said: “To go to the United States, you have to be vaccinated for hell. I don’t have a vaccine and I won’t be vaccinated. Is that clear? So the situation is complicated (.. .) I got arrested there, I was put in a room, I was questioned for 7 hours. I have a very great apprehension of going back to the United States. I was traumatized by it. I was questioned by the police because of someone who told things about me that were absolutely not true (…) I am very afraid of going back to the United States. “

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I had an abortion 6 times, because I wanted to meet a good daddy!

Shanna explains herself – Credit (s): Snapchat shannoletonneau

Shanna Kress then explained why she didn’t want to get the shot. She balances: “I’m afraid to get the vaccine, because I want to have children. At some point, stop breaking my neck! All my life I have dreamed of meeting someone who can to be the father of my children, I found it today (…) I waited all my life to meet my darling to be able to have children. I am afraid of being vaccinated. I really have afraid of having side effects and you get me drunk with that. “

Subsequently, the pretty brunette made other confidences by declaring: “I had an abortion 6 times, because I wanted to meet a good daddy! For my children today, I am lucky to have found him. I am afraid! All my life, I have deprived myself of ‘have children so as not to be selfish (…) Today, I met my darling and get vaccinated scare me, because some have effects on fertility! “. Annoyed by the reproaches of Internet users, Shanna therefore gave herself up to an open heart … Otherwise, we let you discover the latest declaration of love from Jonathan Matijas to Shanna Kress.

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