Shang-Chi: This theory about the film contradicted by The Eternals

Among the intrigues worth exploring in Shang-Chi 2, there is necessarily that of the origin of the Ten Rings. To this day, this still remains an unsolved mystery, and it was believed that The Eternals was going to tell us more about it. Indeed, the post-credits scene of Shang-Chi – in which Shang and Katy meet Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel – hinted that the Ten Rings may be linked to emergence of the Eternals. A signal generated by these artifacts was sent somewhere in space, and everything suggested that it could be related to the birth of a celestial. However, the blockbuster of Chloe Zhao came to contradict this idea, at least for the moment.

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Shang-Chi — Crédit(s): Marvel Studios/Disney

Within of the Eternals, no reference to Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings was made. The superheroes were successful in preventing the emergence from happening on earth but we didn’t see what ramifications it had on other MCU plots. The film Eternals also provided no evidence that the rings were of eternal or celestial origin, although such a connection remains possible.

I have to say that The Eternals already had a lot of stories to develop around the emergence and narrative arc of its heroes, so it may not have been possible to make a connection with Shang-Chi. Also, maybe a signal was actually spotted in space, but with all they had to deal with, the Eternals didn’t realize it. What is certain is that it had already been announced by the director that the events that took place in The Eternals would impact the rest of the MCU … So ultimately anything is possible! Shang-Chi 2 should tell us more about the origin of the Ten Rings, but in the meantime, find out which character from the first installment was originally supposed to die.

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