Shana Kress discusses her abortions without taboo

Shanna Kress

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Credit: Instagram / @shannakress

The beautiful Shanna Kress takes responsibility and wants to deliver a strong message to her community! She talks about her many abortions without taboos. Not yet ready to become a mother, she confides with emotion.

Since his first participation in Marseillais, Shanna Kress has evolved well. The time for excess is a long way off. From now on, the young woman is an accomplished business woman and above all a happy woman! After her sentimental setbacks, the young lady has finally found love with a capital A. It is in the arms of Jonathan Matijas that the Marseillaise blooms fully. But she is not yet ready to give birth. This is why Shanna did not hesitate to abort several times. If the subject may seem sensitive, it is not absolutely taboo for the former reality TV candidate.

Shanna Kress, a free and serene woman – Credit: Instagram – Credit (s):

Yet the young lady does not minimize the situation, quite the contrary. If his words may shock, they nevertheless prove his maturity. For her, we must speak openly about this subject and educate the young generation. Because having a child reluctantly can have serious consequences. If she now feels ready to become a mother, Shanna has not hesitated to go through the abortion box. The ex candidate of Reality TV Angels wants women to be free to choose. Because the latter has suffered a lot from negative judgments towards it. In big words the big remedies: Shanna assumes and that’s good!

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Shanna Kress: a woman who assumes her choices

“I’m not ashamed to say what happened in my life, because those are the choices I made. Of course, I find that there are things that are unfair because there are women who can have a lot of children and others who can have less “ openly explains the young lady. “I protected myself, I took the pill, but it turned out that sometimes I got pregnant, I’m a fertile person. I didn’t want to hurt people, I just wanted to explain that it was a personal choice of the heart. Today I found my love, we want to have a child, it’s just that we wait a little bit because, at the moment, with all that is going on , I admit it’s very complicated ” she adds to finish justifying herself. A strong position taken, which should be welcomed!

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