Shakira is irritated by the interference of Piqué’s girlfriend in the divorce settlement. Understand the case!

Shakira and Piqué fought a controversial legal battle after the announcement of the couple’s divorce. The player, who initially did not want to give up custody of the children, quietly agreed to sign the agreement proposed by the singer after interventions from his new girlfriend.

In the signed agreement, according to the newspaper La Vanguardia, Shakira got what she wanted and they decided that Milan and Sasha, respectively 9 and 7 years old, will move with their mother to Miami, in the United States. The change was an old desire for the singer, who wanted to stay closer to where her music career is managed.

However, during the negotiations of the agreement between the two parties, Shakira was irritated by the number of phone calls from Clara Chia. In addition, the singer believes that the ex-player’s new girlfriend, who recently retired, was the reason why he changed his mind about child custody.

Piqué’s new girlfriend has a crisis after Shakira’s song

Shakira released “Monotonía” on 20 October. The song caused a jolt in the player’s relationship with Clara Chia.

According to information from Jordi Martin, paparazzo specialist in the life of Shakira and Piqué, Clara was very shaken by the singer’s latest release. That’s because the lyrics and video for “Monotonía” are dedicated to the end of the Colombian woman’s relationship with the player, who is going through difficult times at Barcelona.

Still according to the paparazzo, Clara had an emotional crisis after the launch and is not holding up to the pressure. Because of this, the young woman is no longer going to work in person at the player’s company.

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