Shaken, England returns Spain

England 2-1 Spain

Goals: Toone (84e) and Stanway (96e) for the Lionesses // Esther (54e) for Roja

The heat wave must have already made its return across the Channel as the English were hot.

Presented as the big favorites to seek the title at Wembley, the lionesses come out in overtime against the more eye-catching than expected Spaniards (2-1). From the first minutes, the British struggled to put their game in place and came up against a Roja well in place tactically. Gradually, Wiegman’s players, back on the bench after a spell in the Covid box, began to blame themselves for Paños’ goals until White ended up scoring. Finally signaled offside by the VAR (36e), the English striker sees her team complete these first 45 minutes without having scored a single goal or framed a single shot, which had never happened to her before in this tournament.

After having already lost a big ten degrees in the night, the Falmer Stadium then sees the mercury curling towards negative. Found on the left side, Athenea slides a small bridge to Daly before finding Esther for the Spanish opener (0-1, 54e). Untenable, the Madrid winger fails to deceive Earps on a center-shot (65e) before continuing to martyr Daly with a new small bridge (73e). Unable to take shelter, the Roja ends up cracking up against Toone. At the fallout of a cross from Hemp, Russo handed over for the Mancunian which offers 30 minutes of additional happiness to the public (1-1, 84e). A crowd that finds its voice before igniting completely when Stanway, already author of a nice number on the equalizer, catapults the leather at the bottom of the Iberian nets with a delicious strike from 20 meters (2-1, 96e). Sent into the ropes, without having been counted, the English finally continue their journey towards the halves.

On the other hand, for the Spaniards, it was rather Stanway to Hell this Wednesday evening.

England (4-2-3-1): Earps – Bronze, Bright, Williamson, Daly (Greenwood, 82e) – Stanway, Walsh (Scott, 116e) – Mead (Kelly , 58e), Kirby (Toone, 64e), Hemp (Parris, 117e) – White (Russo, 58e). Selector: Sarina Wiegman.

Spain (4-3-3): Paños – Battle, Paredes, León, Olga – Aitana, Patri, Teresa (Aleixandri, 71e) – Cardona (Athenea, 46e), Esther (Shei, 77e), Mariona (Amaiur, 100e). Coach: Jorge Vilda.

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