Shajapur News: Mud spread on the roads of Avantipur Barodia

Residents are getting upset due to incomplete works

Avantipur Barodia (Naiduniya News). Many development works were given by the BJP government of the state in the town of Avantipur, Barodia. Mainly in this, Primary Health Center Avantipur Barodia is one of the major gifts. The construction of a building made of lakhs of rupees in the town has been done many years ago. Arrangements for doctors and staff were also made at the Primary Health Center building by the MLA of the present Kalapipal assembly constituency, Kunal Chaudhary, which is running smoothly somewhere or the other. There is also an atmosphere of happiness among the people after getting treatment at the primary health center. Villagers of Tehsil area are also taking health benefits by reaching the health center at the health center.

There is no road to reach the primary health centre. Due to lack of road construction, it is very difficult to reach the health center in the rainy season. Patients have to come out of the mud on foot and go to health. Many patients, seeing the plight of the unpaved road, are forced to go back to get treatment at other places. Despite having a primary health center in the tehsil area, in such a situation, patients have to travel somewhere between 15 to 20 km, due to which there is a loss of time and money. It is not that the government-administration representatives should not know about this, because this building has been inaugurated only in the BJP government. Recently, doctors, hospital staff also have to go to the primary health center through this route. Realizing the seriousness of this subject, the concerned public servants were also informed from time to time by the conscious people of the town, but till date no result has been seen on this subject. If there is a road system to reach the primary health center, then somewhere common people will also get its benefit, because this direct unpaved road also connects Devan Khedi village.

The route from Pirpura to Garibnath Dham is also crisp

Known as Baba Garibnath, this city has a different identity due to the miracles of Baba Garibnath. In view of the miracles of these Baba Garibnath, a 15-day fair is also organized every year in the town of Avantipur, Barodia. Which is also registered in the records of the said fair authority. This fair is also one of the main fair of Madhya Pradesh, but in spite of all these things, no proper road construction has been done since independence till date to reach Baba Garibnath Samadhi site. To reach Baba Garibnath Samadhi Sthal, one has to enter the village directly through Pirpura which meets directly at the Samadhi Sthal. Due to non-construction of the said road, devotees who come to Baba’s court have to face many problems. Whereas the chief of the state Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also announced the construction of the said road, who has come to pay his respects at this samadhi site. Apart from these, many former MLAs, present Sonkachh MLA, former PWD Minister Sajjan Singh Verma have also announced the above construction work, which remains as it is. No construction work has been done on the said unpaved road till date.

Bridge being built on Dudhi Newj river, construction incomplete

Road construction work is still stalled through town Avantipur Barodia till Palasi. To connect the above road, the bridge construction work on Dudhi Newj river is going on for a long time. Despite the incomplete bridge construction work, people have started leaving the said bridge. Whereas no support forged pillars have been installed on the said bridge so far on both sides, due to which the possibility of accident also remains. On completion of the construction, the people of Tehsil area will be able to take a direct route from Dodi to Indore, Ujjain, Bhopal via the Palasi, Kurawar. This will also save time, fuel, money, the administration should speed up the slow pace by making the concerned construction agency agile.

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