Shadow Beauty increases curiosity with new teaser for the drama

If you are ready to see new dramas and follow exciting stories then pay close attention to Shadow Beauty trailers, they will catch you from the start.

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The web drama is about to be released and with each new teaser we are more excited by the suspense and mystery that the characters will face, because in each preview of Shadow Beauty a dark vibe is present that motivates us to follow each step of the plot.

It is K-Drama takes up a premise that we have seen on some occasions, the idea of ​​a girl who is drastically transformed with a change in look, makeup and knowledge of beauty. Only unlike stories like True Beauty This time it is a Korean series that brings us closer to fear.

Goo Ae Jin is a student who suffers bullying, but when she gets home she transforms into a beautiful influencer who receives the affection of thousands of internet users, what would happen if her secret was revealed?

Shadow Beauty, a beauty secret that turns terrifying

Goo Ae Jin She is trapped in that double life and finds comfort in the love she receives by pretending to be Genie on social media, but that facet also becomes dangerous when her secret makes her vulnerable on several occasions.

Everything seems to be on his mind and concerns, but one day he receives a message from an account that tells him who he is in real life.

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Shadow Beauty: Who discovers the truth about Genie?

The new teaser lets us see Ae Jin’s suspicions when trying to find out who the person who discovered her is and what she must do to prevent the truth from coming to light, however, although the protagonist meets a suspect, the mystery is keeps for viewers.

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At the end of the teaser the girl asks directly if it was that person who sent the messages, but for us it is still an unresolved issue, do you dare to see this series? The first episode will be on Viki starting November 20.

Shadow Beauty will feature a cast that includes various idols, find out who they are, and more details about the Korean production.

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