SFR network: a mobile plan with 50 GB at only € 9.99 / month even beyond the first year

La Poste Mobile is launching three exceptional offers for this month of January: a 100 MB package at € 4.99 / month, a 100 GB package at € 14.99 / month and our favorite, the 50 GB package at € 9.99 / month month. So, don’t delay too long so as not to miss it.

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La Poste Mobile continues with its attractive offers in January. The MVNO has decided to promote its non-binding packages. Moreover, it promises to increase the internet envelopes provided for in its packages without any price increase. It’s a great gift that you can’t refuse! With the already cheap prices of its mobile plans, having a plan with more gigas without paying extra will save you a lot of money, without having to deprive yourself.

50 GB of 4G for € 9.99 / month: the right package plan at the moment!

Difficult to remain indifferent to such an offer. Paying only 9.99 euros per month for a 50 GB envelope is a good deal that shouldn’t be missed. In addition, this price will not double after one year. But above all, the operator does not require you to make a long-term commitment. If in the future your needs change, you can cancel your subscription without paying any fees.

In the meantime, you will enjoy the complete and quality services offered with this package La Poste Mobile :

  • 50 GB of internet usable in mainland France on the SFR 4G network
  • 10 GB of internet usable from Europe and the DOM / COM
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France as well as from Europe and DOM / COM

What about the other two La Poste Mobile plans?

They are just as interesting as the 50 GB package. However, the operator targets two other customer profiles:

  • Small consumers with the 100 MB package at € 4.99 / month. This is the ideal formula if you rarely use your smartphone to surf the Internet. The package includes 100 MB of data, 2 hours of calls as well as unlimited SMS and MMS. The content is the same in France as from Europe and the DOM / COM.
  • Large consumers with the 100 GB plan at € 14.99 / month. The offer also gives access to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Metropolitan France and from abroad. Data roaming, meanwhile, is 10 GB.

Note that for these two mobile plans, La Poste Mobile offers a preferential rate for those who are already a box customer: 0 € / month for the first year then 2 € / month for the 100 MB plan and 10 € / month for one year then 13 , € 99 / month for the 100 GB plan.

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