Sex/Life: Everything we know about Season 3

Already available in the Brazilian catalog of Netflix, the 2nd season of Sex/Life is making the greatest success on the platform. Given the end of the second year, which ends the plot of all the characters with a golden key, many fans want to know: will the erotic series be renewed for a third year on Netflix?

“Billie faces new challenges and desires in pursuit of the life she wants. But can she have it all?” reads the official synopsis for Season 2 of Sex/Life on Netflix.

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Recommended for ages 18+, Sex/Life stars Sarah Shahi (Black Adam), Mike Vogel (Bates Motel) and Adam Demos (Perfect Match) in the lead roles.

We show below everything that is already known about a potential 3rd season of Sex/Life on Netflix; check out!

Will Sex/Life get a 3rd season on Netflix?

So far, neither Netflix nor the producers of Sex/Life have commented on the possibility of the series winning a 3rd season.

However, Netflix subscribers need not despair: this does not mean that the series has been cancelled.

Most of the time, Netflix takes 2 weeks to 3 months to decide the fate of its original productions, and as the 2nd season of Sex/Life has just premiered on streaming, the platform still has a good amount of time to define a possible continuation. .

Since its debut on Netflix, the 2nd season of Sex/Life has been in the Top 10 of several countries, and Brazil is no exception.

It is also important to remember that, most of the time, Netflix evaluates two aspects when deciding whether to renew or cancel its original productions: audience and production cost.

Sarah Shahi as Billie in Sex/Life.

Why shouldn’t Sex/Life get a 3rd season on Netflix?

Apparently, Sex/Life will not have a 3rd season on Netflix. After all, the second year offers satisfying endings to every character’s plot.

The events of Season 2 of Sex/Life completely wrap up the story of Billie, Brad and Cooper, leaving no loose ends to tie up in a possible third season.

Everything suggests that the Sex/Life writers produced the plot of the second year already with the idea that it would mark the end of the series.

At the end of Season 2 of Sex/Life, all characters are guaranteed “happy endings”. Billie also makes her most important decision: at the end of the series, she marries Brad and the couple have a child.

Cooper also finds a new partner, and the other characters in the series embark on their own relationships.

“Sex/Life is a dream come true. Creating a series about empowered female sexuality that has enthralled millions of viewers is not only immensely fun, but also incredibly rewarding. I am thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to tell this story,” said Stacy Rukeyser, series creator.

Therefore, if Sex/Life is renewed for a 3rd season, the unreleased episodes may address the stories of a new group of characters, with Billie and Brad making only sporadic appearances.

You can now watch all episodes of Sex/Life on Netflix.

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