"Sex is bomb": Joelina Drews raves about love life!

They seem to be doing pretty well! Joelina Drews (26) is currently on cloud nine. The singer has been with record producers for some time AdrianLouis forgiven and super happy. In addition to their professional connection, the chemistry between the two is also very good in their private lives. revealed in an interview Joelina now how well things are going with her and her loved one – very private details included!

Opposite to picture the 26-year-old and her boyfriend give a rather private interview. “We understand each other perfectly on all levels”, emphasizes the daughter of Ramona (48) and Jürgen Drews (77) happily. Adrian can’t add much to that – apart from the fact that they complement each other well in bed. “Our sex is bomb, really,” he admits with a grin. However, the two did not want to go into detail.

Joelina recently made it clear that the couple is really serious celebrity flash-Interview clear. She moved from Berlin to Munich especially for her great love. But how does living together work? “Sure, hanging out 24/7 gets on your nerves sometimes, but I love hanging out with him,” she said.

Adrian Louis and Joelina Drews in April 2022
Joelina Drews aka Joedy
Joelina Drews and Adrian Louis in February 2022

Instagram / adrianlouiswhothatbe

Joelina Drews and Adrian Louis in February 2022

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