Sex Education: Netflix reveals season 4 details

Netflix has revealed details of the fourth season of Sex Education, the highly praised series on streaming.

One of the original series that is successful among the public and starring Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey, received plot information (via ScreenRant).

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According to the platform, the new season will explore the purchase of the Moordale school by new investors, which took place at the end of the third season.

A source told Variety that in addition to exploring the purchase, alumni of the school will be prominently looking for an alternative place to study. Also, old and new characters will come together.

“The show’s fourth season will see a mix of exciting old and new faces as Moordale Secondary School alumni look for an alternative place to study after the school lost its funding and was sold to developers,” the source revealed. .

Despite the return of part of the main cast, several actors will not return for the new season.

Sex Education and Season 4’s Changes

Sex Education is renewed for a fourth season on Netflix and the series has hinted at how it could have a big change for the future. Apparently, Moordale High is falling behind.

Abandoning the school setting, Sex Education began to focus on characters. This becomes clear in season three when the former location of the clandestine sex clinic is destroyed.

This symbolic fact makes the story focus more on the characters. Otis goes through his own coming of age, Eric has an arc in Nigeria, and Maeve focuses on getting a scholarship to the United States.

To close the call, Moordale is sold to an anonymous buyer. It may be that part of the fourth season goes through this, but it will hardly be the focus of the characters.

This plot allows the protagonists of Netflix to find different paths. Gradually, this prepares for Moordale to be definitively left behind and Sex Education to accompany Otis, Eric, Maeve and other characters in new scenarios and challenges.

Sex Education has three seasons on Netflix. The fourth is confirmed, but no forecast yet.

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