Sex destroyed dancers’ relationships: A visit to mother was ‘an eye-opener’

“It’s an eye-opener that something needs to happen so that we can find each other again.”

This is what professional dancer Frederik Nonnemann says in this week’s episode of the radio 24syv podcast.112 for broken hearts‘.

Here he opens up, among other things, about how sex became a decisive factor in a relationship that ended dramatically.

As a 21-year-old, Frederik Nonnemann had fallen in love with a guy right after jumping out and moving into his first apartment on Studiestræde.

The former ‘Vild med dans’ dancer tells how he ended up catering to his ex-boyfriend’s needs – namely some things that were wilder sexually than he was ready for.

“It actually goes quite fast in the end, it ends up with us being a bit pressured about this sexual thing. I could also sense that he wanted some other things, or perhaps more. And I’m not ready for that at all,’ says Frederik Nonnemann.

In the podcast, the 32-year-old dancer talks about what became the turning point for him. Frederik Nonnemann had become so frustrated in the relationship that he had gone home to his mother. He had no idea what to do about the problem.

But could he talk to his mother about sex?

For Frederik Nonnemann, however, there was no doubt that she was the right one to ask, because she had the most life experience.

“And then I remember saying to my mother: Mother, how important is sex in a relationship?”.

“And there she just looked me in the eyes and said: ‘It’s important,'” says Frederik Nonnemann

The response from the mother was an eye opener for the professional dancer.

It dawned on him that love was more important to him than sex.

The normative narrative of a relationship was turned on its head because there were things that did not work for the dancer and the ex-boyfriend.

“The reason I asked my mother is that sex was not that important to me. I was also still inexperienced, I knew through my ex-boyfriend, so I found happiness and love in a lot of other things. We did things together – so let’s book that trip now so we have something to look forward to. I think we stagnated in the relationship with that.’

According to the dancer, the couple gets to talk about things, but in the end the relationship couldn’t last, and the couple broke up after a dramatic breakup.

Even though Frederik Nonnemann burned the teddies with his ex-girlfriend, it hasn’t stopped him from looking for the next one.

Today he forms a couple with Mikkel Dahlstrøm and in September the couple announced that they were going to get married.

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