"Sex and the City"Reboot: This is how Samantha Jones’ absence is explained

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“Sex and the City”-Reboot
This is how Samantha Jones’ absence is explained

The sequel to the hit series “Sex and the City” will start in a few weeks – without Kim Cattrall. But what actually happens to your series character Samantha Jones? An insider has now revealed – and gives fans hope for a comeback of Samantha. Warning, spoiler alert!

It has been clear from the start that Kim Cattrall is not in the “Sex and the City” sequel “And Just Like That …”. The big question was: what happens to your serial character Samantha Jones? Fans already feared the character might simply have died – but that won’t happen, according to inside information.

As the “Daily Mail” claims to have found out, Samantha has moved to London instead. “Viewers will find out that she is doing well in England, even though she has fallen out with Carrie,” reveals a source. But the creators are also holding a door for Cattrall to maybe complete the cast in the next season.

According to the insider, “Carrie is the one who fell out with Samantha and at the end of ‘And Just Like That …’ we see Carrie making her an offer of peace and trying to rekindle the friendship.” In fact, Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker are said to have had an argument in real life as well. That’s why Cattrall refused to take part in the new project.

Hope for a “triumphant return”

Kim was missed on the set and she could be understood, it said. But hope is growing that something will change – at least if the sources are to be believed: “We have high hopes that Kim will have joined the show by the time we start filming the second season and Samantha Jones can make a triumphant return to the Big Apple . “

It goes on to say, “Samantha Jones is one of the most popular television characters of all time, and Kim is a phenomenal actress who brings her to life perfectly. She has to come home, if not for us, then for the fans who adore her.” She may have even longer time to do this – as the insider also makes clear, the sequel should not be a one-off season: “It can go on for many, many years and we would be happy if Kim were a part of it.”

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