Severed spinal cord and no sensation below the neck… Bruno Sanches (HPI) victim of a terrible accident!

What if we had never had the opportunity to discover Bruno Sanches on the big or small screen? This could have happened if his talent had not been recognized, of course, but also if Alex Lutz’s sidekick in Catherine and Liliane had not recovered from the terrible accident he suffered during his childhood. Indeed, in a long interview given to the Parisian, the one who gives the reply to Audrey Fleurot, who recently made revelations about the depression of which she had been the victim, in the series of TF1, HPIreturned to the way his career had been built, but also this accident which had almost made him quadriplegic.

Before becoming the actor everyone knows, he entered the Cours Florent to learn the trade. Whether through the emotions that he must convey, but also the acrobatics that he could be called upon to perform later. It was during his second year that he fell victim to a terrible tragedy, which could have cost him dearly, when he “breaks the neck during an acrobatics”. A far from trivial accident that cut a “part of the spinal cord” as pointed out by our colleagues from Women’s Journal.

His life almost continued in a wheelchair

The results are heavy and the prognosis far from reassuring. Bruno Sanches no longer has any feelings “below the neck” and despite the pessimism of the doctors, he will always keep hope. “I started to believe in positive thoughts thanks to a doctor who told me: there is a 70% chance that the operation will not work again, but 30% depends on your mental strength”. Two operations of about ten hours later, the actor “comes out” finally.

A drama that allowed him to have a new vision of life as he wishes to confide. “This accident was a turning point […] Before the accident, I felt strong like a 20-year-old man. And there, life tells you if I want, I’ll take you. It’s a chance to be alive”he admits, aware of the chance he had.

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