SEVENTEEN’s Dino Reveals Best Tip To Improve As A Dancer

The members of SEVENTEEN have inspired many fans to sing and dance, what advice does Dino have for those who want to be professional dancers?

On SEVENTEEN we meet multiple talents from all their idols, the group of k pop features amazing singers, rappers and dancers who are grouped into boy band subunits and enhance teamwork and overall.

At Performance Team we find the SVT dance specialists, in this team we can see dinosaur, who is the maknae of the idol group, but this does not mean that he is less talented; he is an extremely dedicated artist and passionate about his work.

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lee chan comes from a family of dancershis parents are dedicated to this and since he was a child he began to specialize and learn a lot about this discipline, which is why we can see that Dino does not find choreography very difficult because he handles many techniques and styles thanks to his extensive experience .

Dino knows that he has greatly inspired CARAT and there are those who want to be dancers like him, since the idol of SVT inspiration, what tip does Chan give to those who want to be better at dancing?

SEVENTEEN’s Dino Has The Best Advice For Those Who Want To Be The Best Dancers

Once, during one of the transmissions of dinosaur of SEVENTEEN through VLive, someone told him in the comments that he had been inspired to start dancingwhat if he had some recommendations and that’s when Lee Chan revealed some great advice for those who wanted to be better at dancing.

Though perhaps initially Chan I didn’t think what I could say, he advised that the best thing is to follow your heart, your instinct, if you want to improve, practice and watch videos and that the best thing is not to see so many comments on social networks because there will be a lot of criticism that you want to listen to, but you will end up without satisfying anyone.

It is better not to think too much (…) Do what you want

Dino giving advice to the dancers | Twitter: @anyonewoozi

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Dino speaks from his own experience, when he started dancing, he also wanted to fulfill the expectations of others, but perhaps he realized that it is best to follow your heart and prove yourself only without wanting to please others with your work.

Dino is also the best dance teacher in SEVENTEEN.

In addition to having good advice, dinosaur has also been the teacher of SEVENTEEN on many occasions, Joshua has said that he is the best because he never gets angry even if his students make mistakes, he is a patient idol and repeats as many times as necessary so that everyone can learn to do the choreography in the best way.

Dino is the best dance teacher for SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @hongloops

Dino teaching Flower’s choreography to Jeonghan and Wonwoo | Twitter: @DINO_CENTRAL

Lee Chan is quite an expert in dance and really has a great passion and dedication for his work, this is what makes him an admirable idol and stands out with all his skills.

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