SEVENTEEN: Zodiac sign and personality of each member of the group

SEVENTEEN features 13 amazing idols who have different talents, charismas, and personalities, what will their zodiac sign be? This can tell us a little more about them and their destinations.

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SEVENTEEN is a group of K-Pop full of talent, its 13 members always prove to have everything it takes to conquer the stage, becoming a great fandom thanks to the exceptional presentations used by this boy band.

It might be difficult to work with 13 people at the same time, but SVT has also managed to divide into equipment according to the specialty of each of its members, so the activities are shared equitably and we can enjoy the great skills of each artist in a better way.

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Within SEVENTEEN we find brilliant personalities and charisms, but which are also usually unique and individual characteristics of each idolDespite this, they all unite their talents and efforts in an amazing way and this is why they all conquer the hearts of CARAT.

How can we find out more about personalities of the members of SVT? Maybe your Zodiac sign reveal us new secrets about each one of them, what will be the one of each one?

What zodiac sign are the members of SEVENTEEN?

The leader of SEVENTEEN was born under the sign of Leo, since he was born on August 8, 1995, which reveals the nature of the leader of S. Hits, also his way of being so paternal and that he takes care of others is a characteristic of his Zodiac sign.

S.Coups es Leo | Twitter: @SCoupsBrasil

Jeonghan was born on October 4, 1995 and that is why he is assigned the sign of Libra, who tend to be very friendly, flirtatious and full of love and fun people, they all love to be by their side although they can be a bit lazy at times.

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Jeonghan is a Libra | Twitter: @starsinsvt

December 30 is the birthday of Joshua from SEVENTEEN, therefore her zodiac sign is CapricornPeople of this sign tend to hate failure and that is why they commit and set their goals very well, they are friendly and kind, they like to do social activities.

Joshua es Capricornio | Twitter: @daywithshua

One of the members of SEVENTEEN’s China Line, Junhui it’s from the sign Gemini Because he was born on June 10, 1996, those who have this sign are very talented and intelligent people, funny, they are probably the brightest of the zodiac signs.

Jun is Gemini | Twitter: @ Jun17Chile

Like Jun, Hoshi He is also Gemini, but his date of birth is June 15, 1996, so this shows us the great bright and energetic personality of this idol, he can also like small details and feels very sad when they criticize his physique as it can be a bit narcissistic.

Hoshi is also a Gemini | Twitter: @BrasilHoshi

Wonwoo is from July 17, 1996, its sign is Cancer characterized by being very reserved, shy, silent and also a bit aggressive; The sign of this member of the SEVENTEEN Hip-Hop Team reveals his introverted but bright personality when you get to know him better.

Wonwoo is from Cancer | Twitter: @WonwooBrasil

The great passion of Woozi is shaped by your zodiac sign Scorpio, the idol was born on November 22, 1996 and that is why he was assigned that sign, other characteristics may be his great intelligence and talents, Scorpios love to be busy.

Woozi is Scorpio | Twitter: @ pledis_17

On February 18, 1997, Lee Seokmin, better known as DK from SEVENTEEN, his sign is Aquarium and those who have it are usually very funny and with a bright personality, open-minded and always full of energy.

DK es Acuario | Twitter: @dk_is_do_kyeom

Mingyu was born on April 6, 1997, that is why his sign is Aries, one of the most passionate and aggressive in the zodiac, always encouraged by adventures and that is why sometimes they get bored easily; They tend to have moments when they get carried away more by their emotions.

Mingyu es Aries | Twitter: @KimMingyuBrasil

Like Jihoon, THE8 He is also a Scorpio, but he was born on November 7, 1997, those who are of this sign have a lot of security although they can be shy too, their passion leads them to great goals and they are also usually very good at finances: 0.

Minghao is Scorpio | Twitter: @ THE8Brasil

  • Seungkwan – Capricornio

Seungkwan He shares a sign with Joshua, so he is just as sociable and with a bubbly personality, a sign that when he gets angry he is not afraid to express what made him feel bad and expose his frustration, they like to solve their problems by themselves.

Seungkwan es Capricornio | Twitter: @SeungkwanBRA

Same as DK, Vernon He is also an Aquarius and they share the same birthday: 0 although Vernon could look quieter and more reserved than his partner with the same sign, but he is someone very active and creative, and he can enjoy time at home or also go out.

Vernon is Aquarius | Twitter: @ Dramabug08

On February 11, 1999, SEVENTEEN’s maknae was born, Dino He is an Aquarius just like Vernon and DK, LOL, only his personality also varies a lot because he is someone more explosive, but perhaps it is that he brings the energy of Aquarius to a different aspect: 0.

Dino is also Aquarius | Twitter: @wonuulie

Now you know the zodiac signs of the members of SEVENTEEN, are you compatible with any of them, there is no doubt that all the personalities shine within this K-Pop band.

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