SEVENTEEN: Woozi Fun Facts to Celebrate on His Birthday

Woozi is one of the most talented idols and dedicated to his work, he is part of SEVENTEEN and there is a lot we can know about him, to celebrate his birthday we prepared some curiosities about him so that you know him better.

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Lee Ji Hoon is the real name of Woozi, a member of SEVENTEEN that we find inside the vocal team, since it specializes in singing; Although it is not the only thing he does in his group, he is very dedicated, responsible and passionate about his work, so he also serves as a writer, songwriter and producer for the idol group.

Woozi was born November 22th 1996 in Busan, South Korea, this is why starting today the celebration of CARAT for the 26th birthday of idol in Korea, and 25 for the rest of the world; there are millions of fans around the world showing all their admiration and love for this great artist.

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There is much to admire about Jihoon, his great talent for singing, dancing and also the great creativity with which he has worked to create the best hits of SVT; a real mastermind within the industry K-Pop; who also captivates her fans with a cute and shy personality.

This is why, to celebrate it on this special day, we prepare some curiosities about SEVENTEEN’s Woozi so you can celebrate to the fullest and get to know more about him and his work.

6 curiosities about SEVENTEEN’s Woozi to celebrate on his birthday

1. Woozi’s hobbies

Woozi is an idol very attached to music, so much so that he does not see it as a job, but as a hobbySome of his favorite activities are enjoying music, exercising and eating, so he spends his days off and we do not doubt that he continues to compose even when he does not have to do anything.

What does Woozi like to do? | Twitter: @theseoulstory

2. Woozi’s hidden talents

Well, maybe they are not so hidden, but we see again the great musical passion that Woozi has, in addition to singing, dancing, composing, writing and producing, he also knows play instruments and quite a few; SVT idol can play guitar, drums, clarinet and piano: 0.

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Woozi playing guitar | Twitter: @Han_SVTXT

3. Woozi’s favorite things

Woozi enjoys many things, some of his favorites are as follows:

  • Food: Rice, love rice like no one else in life, Jjajangmyun and Ramyeon spicy
  • Drink Coca Cola
  • Animal: Cat
  • Colors: White, black and navy blue
  • Artist: Bruno Mars
  • Superhéroe: Black Panther
Woozi and his favorite things | Twitter: @minwoozi_

4. The meaning of Woozi’s names

His real name Jihoon means ‘Know my service’, while Woozi is his stage name, pronounced as Woji, in principle this stage name meant only ‘our Jihoon’ which was the way in which the other members of SEVENTEEN and the staff of Pledis called the idol; but its pronunciation changes the meaning and now it symbolizes ‘knowing wisdom’: 0.

The meaning of the name Woozi | Twitter: @KSoonyoungie

5. Woozi’s MBTI personality

The MBTI from Woozi is INFJ, which symbolizes the words Introverted, Intuitive, Sentimental and Judicious; who have this type of personality They are usually calm and private, independent but concerned about others and prefer individual relationships to groups and are also very sensitive and complex.

Woozi and his personality | Twitter: @ svtdays17

6. The ideal type of girl for Woozi

Woozi has said that he would like a couple that is bright and friendly, someone with a good heart who shows a cute love to this idol; Some time ago he said that he had never had a girlfriend, something that touched CARAT’s heart; although he also said that he does not do anyone when someone likes him … maybe that is the reason why he has not had a girlfriend, LOL.

Woozi and his ideal type | Twitter: @seventeenphil

Now you know more about Woozi, don’t forget to send him a beautiful birthday congratulations and keep enjoying all the great work he does with SEVENTEEN.

Woozi is from the Vocal Team and here we have another curious fact for you because we enlisted the members of this subunit of SEVENTEEN according to their zodiac sign to know who would be the most jealous: 0.

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