SEVENTEEN Quiz: Which Wonwoo Outfit Should You Recreate?

K-Pop idols wear cool outfits that make fans fall in love, Wonwoo looks amazing in everything he wears and could inspire your next look.

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In every comeback we see SEVENTEEN showing off on stage, not only with his vocal skills, dance skills and even his stage presence, but also with outfits spectacular that many times we would love to have in our closet.

The interpreters of Don’t Wanna Cry They are an inspiration when trying new styles or creating combinations with the clothes we already have, so today your personality traits will guide you towards your next outfit.

You just have to answer the following questions in the test about your way of being and also your tastes when choosing clothes, at the end we will recommend one of the looks of Wonwoo which you should definitely try.

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Inspire your look in Wonwoo according to your personality

1. What is most important to you when choosing clothes?

  • A) That is fashionable
  • B) That reflects my personality
  • C) That gives me comfort

2. Do you like to go shopping?

  • A) Yes, I love it
  • B) Every now and then it’s cool
  • C) I’m not such a fan

3. The tones that you prefer to use when dressing are …

  • A) Striking
  • B) Neutral tones
  • C) I don’t pay much attention to that

4. How would your friends describe you?

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  • A) A creative and visionary person
  • B) Someone loyal and understanding
  • C) A happy and friendly person

5. One of your virtues is …

  • A) I adapt well to changes
  • B) I know very well what I want
  • C) I enjoy even the little things

6. What outfit would you prefer to choose?

  • A) A look to party
  • B) The outfit for a first date
  • C) Clothes that I can wear on any given day and combine them

7. An accessory you like is …

  • A) I love them all, jewelry, berets, brooches and more
  • B) I like bags or necklaces
  • C) My favorites are the arts or winter hats


Monochrome and fashionista

Outfit de Wonwoo de SEVENTEEN. | Fuente: Instagram @everyone_woo

You could recreate this look with a two-piece suit, but despite being formal garments it has a crazy touch with an unusual color. Accessories and a hair style that do not go unnoticed will be ideal to match this outfit.


Outfit de Wonwoo de SEVENTEEN. | Fuente: Instagram @everyone_woo

The best would be an outfit that combines the comfort of casual with some elegant details, so this outfit with jeans and a blazer would be ideal for you.

Totally casual

Outfit de Wonwoo de SEVENTEEN. | Fuente: Instagram @everyone_woo

Comfort is a priority for you and achieving this feeling through your look will undoubtedly give you a dose of confidence for your day to day, so it is best to wear a casual look with basic garments that you can also use again in multiple outfits if you know how to combine them.

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