SEVENTEEN Quiz: Which Performance Team Idol Would You Date?

SEVENTEEN has 3 different subunits and in the Performance Team we find the best dancers in the group, who among them would go out with you?

To improve teamwork, SEVENTEEN is divided into 3 different subunits, one of them is the Performance Team which is made up of the best dancers in the group, Soonyoung, Junhui, Minghao and Chan make up this amazing team.

In each presentation, SVT he gives his best and it is visible that all his idols are fantastic on stage, his shows have impacted locals and strangers due to the coordination of the 13 members and the great practice they have when it comes to dancing.

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This also would not be possible without the basis of your team of performance that have great creativity and ability to choreographies of the idol groupThese four guys specialize in dance and show us the best in each show, earning all kinds of recognitions.

Is your SEVENTEEN Performance Team bias? Discover with this TEST with whom of the members of this subunit do you have so much in common that I would definitely have a appointment With you, it would be a lot of fun to spend time with any of these artists.

Which member of SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team would have a date with you?

Which of these drinks do you like the most?

  • A) Soda
  • B) Grape juice
  • C) Milk
  • D) Orange juice

Which of these things do you like to do the most in your free time?

  • To dance
  • B) Playing instruments
  • C) Paint or draw
  • D) Watch movies

Which of these colors is your favorite?

  • The blue one
  • B) White
  • C) Black
  • D) Pink

What kind of dramas do you like the most?

  • A) Romance
  • B) Fantasy
  • C) Mystery
  • D) Action
Performance Team de SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @demijunranghae

What talent do you have or would you like to have?

  • To sing
  • B) Act
  • C) Take pictures
  • D) Rapear

Which song from SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team is your favorite?

  • A) Moonwalker
  • B) Shhh
  • C) Wave
  • D) PANG!

Which of these animals do you like the most?

  • A) Tiger
  • B) Cat
  • C) Dog
  • D) Nutria
Who from SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team would you date? | Twitter: @demijunranghae

Did you write down your answers? Let’s see the results!

Majority A: Hoshi

You have more in common with Hoshi from the SVT Performance Team and that is why he would ask you out and have a very fun date with this great dancer and singer, besides he is very funny and full of energy.

Would you have a date with Hoshi | Twitter: @Adoring_SVT

Majority B: Jun

Would you date Jun SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team, because you have more in common with him, their tastes and personalities are very similar so you could share great moments with him and in harmony.

Jun and you have a lot in common | Twitter: @Adoring_SVT

Majority C: THE8

THE8 He is your perfect boy in SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team, because they share many tastes and hobbies, they would spend many pleasant moments together and Minghao would fill your life with tenderness and enlighten it with all his talents.

Would you date SEVENTEEN’s THE8 | Twitter: @Adoring_SVT

Majority D: Dino

You have more in common with Dino from SEVENTEEN, that’s why he would be your ideal guy in the Performance Team, someone with a great soul, but with a strong character who would love and protect you even on the first date.

Dino is your perfect guy from SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team | Twitter: @Adoring_SVT

Did you win with your bias on SEVENTEEN? Maybe your fav idol is in the Vocal Team, find out who of its members you have the most in common.

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