SEVENTEEN quiz: How compatible are you with Woozi?

SEVENTEEN has idols full of amazing musical skills, one of them is Woozi, who surprises CARAT with all his talents, do you want to know how compatible you are with this idol?

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SEVENTEEN has 13 idols with different capacities, personalities and charismas that manage to captivate the hearts of all their fans thanks to all these elements that make up each one of them; between the alignment of this boy band we found Woozi, someone who not only surprises with his skills on stage.

Lee Jihoon it’s a artist multi-talented, he performs very well as a singer and dancer, but is also one of the master minds behind every success of SVT, as he is a great writer, composer and producer of songs for his group of K-Pop.

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Woozi belongs to the Vocal Team and always shows his great passion for the song at all times, plus he has a cute personality that is only reserved for CARAT, a fandom that sees him as someone very responsible and serious in his work, but with sweet characteristics in his way of being; besides that sometimes it can be very shy.

All this is what has fallen in love with the hearts of admirers of Woozi who choose him as their bias from SEVENTEEN, is it yours too? Then you can find out with this TEST how much compatibility you have with this idol.

How compatible are you with SEVENTEEN’s Woozi?

How many brothers you have?

  • A) 2 or more siblings
  • B) 1 brother
  • C) I have no siblings

Which of these activities do you like to do the most?

  • To eat
  • B) exercise
  • C) Listen to music

Which of these words best defines you?

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  • A) Funx
  • B) Reservadx
  • C) Responsible

Which of these talents do you have or would you like to have?

  • To dance
  • B) Sing
  • C) Playing instruments
Woozi de SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @Adoring_SVT

Which of these foods do you like the most?

  • A) Soup
  • B) Ramen
  • C) Rice

Besides SEVENTEEN, what other K-Pop group do you like the most?

  • A) BTS
  • C) B.A.P.

Which of these animals would you like to have or do you have as a pet?

  • A) Rabbit
  • B) Cat
  • C) Dog

Which of these colors do you like the most?

  • A) Gray
  • B) Black
  • C) Navy blue
How much do you have in common with SEVENTEEN’s Woozi? | Twitter: @SVTbabyyy

Did you write down your answers? Let’s see the results!

Majority A: 10-30% compatibility

You have poor compatibility With SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, he has very few tastes in common and their personalities are quite different too, though I’d love to meet you and know you’re his fan anyway, so keep supporting him and SVT as well.

You have little compatibility with Woozi | Twitter: @hourlywoozi

Majority B: 40-70% compatibility

You have some compatibility With SVT’s Woozi, they have some tastes in common but not all, although perhaps you could form a nice friendship with this idol and share what they like as well as discover new interests together.

Do you have some compatibility with Woozi | Twitter: @cutieejicheolie

Majority C: 80-100% compatibility

You have a lot of compatibility With SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, maybe they are soul mates by having such a similar personality and many tastes in common, surely you would love to share your passion like hers and spend a great time together sharing their favorite things.

You have a lot of compatibility with Woozi | Twitter: @ 99CaratJen

How much compatibility did you have with Woozi? He’s definitely a great artist and his fans won’t stop loving and supporting him, he has a great personality and incredible talents that we can admire.

But maybe you bias wrecker Be Mingyu, find out how much compatibility you have with him in this other TEST we prepared for CARAT.

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