SEVENTEEN predebut, photos to remember the 17TV era

Many SEVENTEEN fans have followed the idols even before their debut, as they had their own show where everything about their preparation was shown, what was it like back then? These photos take us back to the beginnings of the group.

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Today SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant groupings within the K-Pop, every time they have a comeback the great success of the idols that are part of this boy band; This is nothing more than the result of all the talents, effort and dedication that artists have put in their work.

In addition to the great support of CARAT, the great fandom of SVT shows all your love for your favorite group, helping them to achieve more and more goals and dreams that perhaps they never imagined; SEVENTEEN’s story doesn’t start from their debut, the group has been in the spotlight since their members were trainees.

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Pledis Entertainment He launched ’17TV’, an online show that featured everything the SEVENTEEN members did while preparing for their debutWe could see them in different dynamics, (and sometimes in chaos), but since then we can see the bonds that they were forming, as well as the development of their personalities and musical abilities.

What were SEVENTEEN idols like back then? In this show we can find many SVT moments predebut that let us see the initial stage of idol group.

SEVENTEEN Photos Before Their Debut, This Is 17TV

The uniforms of 17TV

In many images and episodes of 17TV, we can see the trainees wearing different colored shirts, on the front they had their names and on the back was the number 17; at that time SEVENTEEN would have more members, that’s why we see 16 or 17 guys on these broadcasts, although in the end only 13 debuted.

SEVENTEEN with the typical shirts on 17TV | Twitter: @ 256895_0406

Friendship from 17TV

We know very well that the members of SEVENTEEN have very strong ties, they have gone from being simple companions to friends and they have even formed a great family over time; It is also well known that there are members who get along better with someone, such as Wonwoo and Mingyu, for example, since from 17TV we were able to know the birth of these beautiful friendships :’).

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Friendships within SEVENTEEN were born from 17TV | Twitter: @Happypledissubs

The chaos of 17TV

Putting 17 guys together is a lot of fun, worse sometimes in SEVENTEEN TV we found a lot chaosAlthough it also caused a lot of laughter to the fans who followed the boy band since then, from a very young age, the SVT idols showed their funniest side.

This photo represents a bit of the chaos we saw on SEVENTEEN TV | Twitter: @Happypledissubs

SEVENTEEN’s first show

17TV ended with SEVENTEEN’s first concerts called ‘Like Seventeen‘, thus they showed us that perhaps they were completely ready to debut and take all the scenarios.

The first SVT show on 17TV | Twitter: @chouxecream

The big debut

After 17TV ended, we finally got to know everything about him. debut of the boy band that had been created by Pledis and soon the first promotional photos were released for SEVENTEEN, which debuted on May 26, 2015.

SEVENTEEN Announcing Their Big Debut | Twitter: @strawtourberry

All of this is a big part of SEVENTEEN’s history and shows the great effort and dedication that the idols put into before their debut to be able to show all their talents to the public that today has seen them evolve over time and has enjoyed all of them. the successes of the boy band.

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