SEVENTEEN: Parents of idols went to the concert in Jakarta and this happened

The Be The Sun tour continues and throughout the tour the members of SEVENTEEN have felt the affection of CARAT, but also of their families who support them at all times and who on several occasions have attended the shows to see them live and sing. with them, this was what happened recently.

The popularity of the members of SEVENTEEN is so great that idols can successfully perform in the country they choose, as their fandom has reached all over the world and in the same way, their tour has reached many places to meet CARAT.

When the K-Pop group embarks on a new tourtheir fathers encourage them regardless of whether or not they are in the same country as SEVENTEENbut when possible, they try to attend the show that their children have prepared to show off on stage.

CARAT knows very well that the families of the SEVENTEEN members are permanently supporting the group, but when we see them in the concerts of the idols It is a very special moment, how do you show your affection from the public?

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SEVENTEEN’s parents were cheering them on at their Be The Sun concert in Jakarta

Recently the tour be the sun came to Jakarta To make the CARATs of that country vibrate, the venue began to fill with admirers, but upon arrival several of them were able to see the families of several of the members of SEVENTEEN.

According to the accounts of the attendees, the brother of Won WooThe parents of Vernon, Hoshi, Dino, and Jeonhan attended the show, as well as Mingyu’s and Seungkwan’s mom. All of them were seen in the audience and at their entrance to the venue causing the surprise of the fans.

SEVENTEEN’s parents at the group’s concert. | Source: Twitter @thedukeiscoming

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SEVENTEEN: Dino’s dad conquered CARAT with his dance steps

The one who stole the camera at this concert was Dino’s father, because he showed his dance steps along with the song SNAP SHOOT. Both fans and idols were excited, but something unexpected happened in the middle of the fun.

Apparently the venue has instructions prohibiting jumping and dancing in that area because the bleachers are set up just for the event, so they can get damaged if there’s too much movement, so the guards asked her to lower the intensity of her dance. oops!

Dino’s dad dancing at a SEVENTEEN concert. | Source: Twitter @historywwonwoo

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