SEVENTEEN has the best reaction to seeing Woozi’s MV Ruby

With Ruby, Woozi has made an impact on locals and strangers, his solo debut made a huge impression on CARAT around the world, how did his fellow SEVENTEEN members react to seeing the MV for the first time and listening to his song in full?

Woozi from SEVENTEEN He has actively worked in the idol group’s production since its inception, as a writer, composer and producer, he dedicates a lot to being in the studio and generating the biggest hits for his K-Pop group.

The great creativity of Lee Jihoon is embodied in many of the songs of SVTThroughout his discography we find amazing works by this complete artist; and finally at the beginning of this 2022 we were able to have the debut as a soloist of the producer of the boy band.

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With ‘Ruby’, Woozi has managed to impact the world, quickly reached # 1 in many countries and the official MV already has millions of views, the style of this song has attracted attention, something that not even CARAT I expected but the fandom is more than happy with the result.

In ‘Ruby’ we can see a very different side of Jihoon, What they reacted his fellow SEVENTEEN members upon seeing the MV and listen to his complete song?

This was SEVENTEEN’s reaction when Woozi showed them Ruby’s MV for the first time

Through the official channel of SEVENTEEN On YouTube, Woozi shared the reaction his groupmates had to him MV de RubyFirst, Jihoon watched the video by himself and he looked very shy, demonstrating his great duality in video versus reality.

SVT received this video in the best way, everyone was vibrating with the song doing a bit of headbanging before its rhythm and the idols were very impressed when they heard the phrase ‘Shit, this is red too’ in the song, LOL. This new facet of Woozi really shocked his teammates.

DK and Hoshi, Woozi’s hard stans in this reaction, Seungkwan said that this was the first time he had listened to ‘Ruby’ on that occasion and CARAT theorizes that as it was an English song, only Vernon and Joshua fully understood the lyrics on that one. reaction.

Also Jun and THE8 reacted to Ruby’s MV but it was separate, they both really enjoyed the song and felt sad to find out that it was over

Who from SEVENTEEN was the first to hear Woozi’s Ruby?

During an online fansing, CARAT asked Woozi who it was the first to hear ‘Ruby’ and he replied that it was Hoshi and his reaction had been good, he had loved it and the SEVENTEEN dancer adores Jihoon and his work and has always said so.

  • Woozi revealed that Hoshi was the first to hear Ruby | Twitter: @hoshzone

So was the SEVENTEEN’s reaction To Woozi soloist, no one really expected the SEVENTEEN idol to have this style for his mixtape but it’s amazing and everyone loved it.

In others SEVENTEEN news, CARAT will not forget the day that SVT literally broke the stage with its power, what happened?

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