Seven-day lock included: Youtube deletes # everything aufdentisch video

Seven-day ban included
Youtube deletes # everything on the table video

The #allesaufdentisch anti-corona campaign has repeatedly made headlines. In several videos, Volker Bruch and Co. spread false information together with “experts”. Now Youtube intervenes again, deletes a clip and prevents the uploading of new content for the time being.

In September, the video protest #allesaufdentisch went online on YouTube, for which various celebrities and artists spoke with people from different departments about medical and social aspects of the pandemic. Among others, the actors Jan Josef Liefers, Wotan Wilke Möhring and Volker Bruch, for whom his attitude towards the Corona issue ultimately even earned him the title of “Most embarrassing Berlin 2021” in the city magazine “Tip”.

As in the previous campaign #allesdichtmachen, the whole thing met with enthusiasm from anti-vaccination campaigners, AfD supporters and “lateral thinkers”, but otherwise received mainly criticism. Those responsible had to put up with the accusation that they were using narratives based on conspiracy ideology, because in not a few of the uploaded videos it is proven that false information is disseminated.

And so YouTube intervened in mid-October and deleted a total of nine clips for this reason. However, a Cologne court decides shortly thereafter that two of them have to be released again. Now Youtube is removing another # allesaufdentisch interview because of the spread of false information and does not allow any new content on the channel for seven days.

“Covid-19 just a mild cold”

The video removed yesterday claimed that the corona vaccinations had led to around 13,000 deaths and that Covid-19 was just a mild cold. “A video on the ‘allesaufdentisch’ channel was blocked due to a violation of the guidelines on misleading information,” Spiegel magazine quoted a company spokesman as saying. These statues state, among other things, that no content may be published in which someone claims that the mortality or symptoms of Covid are like a cold or flu. Youtube has clear guidelines as to what is and what is not allowed on the platform, the company spokesman said, according to “Spiegel”.

Other # allesaufdentisch clips, which also spread untruths, are still available, however. Among other things, it is claimed that the vaccinations against Corona would cause damage to recovered people. “You might as well take a gun and start shooting people,” says US director Sean Stone in an interview with controversial American cardiologist Peter A. Mc Cullough. Neither place any value on verifiable evidence for this claim. Why the video is still online remains unclear.

Critics repeatedly accuse YouTube of inconsistent and inconsistent implementation of its own rules. The company has so far left questions from “Spiegel” on this particular case unanswered.

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