Seth Rogen: Hollywood star is happier without children

Seth Rogen
Hollywood star is happier without children

Hollywood star Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller have decided not to have children.

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Hollywood star Seth Rogen believes that being childless has helped him succeed. The star explained this in a podcast.

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen (“The First Time”, 40) can look back on a long and successful Hollywood career. Over the years, Rogen has also worked as a screenwriter and producer for successful films such as “Sausage Party” or streaming series such as “The Boys”. A secret behind the great success of the 40-year-old seems to be his childlessness. At least that’s what the star said now in the podcast “Diary of a CEO” with Steven Bartlett (30).

Childlessness has ‘helped Seth Rogen to succeed’

“That definitely helped me to be successful,” said Rogen in the conversation when he was asked by the moderator about his childless marriage to Lauren Miller (41), with whom the actor has been in a relationship for 19 years. As a result, Rogen can focus his time and energy on career and creative achievements and leisure activities, rather than having to deal with raising children.

“Some people want children, some don’t”

“You will be told: You go through life, get married, have children,” Rogen summarizes widespread social expectations. However, he and his wife of many years have decided on a different path and are still happy with it. “Honestly, the older we get, the happier and more affirmed we are with our decision not to have children,” said the actor. Childlessness would allow the couple “to do whatever we want”.


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