Sète: when a dog makes its way into an EPHAD for the good of the residents

At Les Pergolines, residents have an unusual companion. Samuel, an old dog, has accompanied them in their daily lives for 3 years now.

Samuel, a Beauceron and Labrador cross, has been welcomed at the Ephad des Pergolines since September 30, 2019. A life to which he has adapted very well, and which has changed daily life for both the team and the residents. .

Animal-mediated care

A special care method has made its way to Les Pergolines, starting with temporary workshops for residents. Animal mediation has proven to be a good alternative for the elderly, in addition to medical care. And the effects are visible, 3 years after Samuel’s arrival. “It has become a landmark, even for those who no longer have one. Some residents come down from their rooms every day to see it” presents Céline, animator of the Ephad.

benefits and responsibilities

If the presence of the dog is a benefit for the life of the Ephad, it is a source of responsibility. Already, his arrival has been the subject of compatibility tests beforehand, whether with regard to the dog or the residents. Its size also requires some care. If the team takes care of Samuel’s toilet, his brushing can be an opportunity for a resident to apply his dexterity. On the veterinarian side, the 11-year-old “grandpa” also benefits from a follow-up. A kitty was raised by the 30 million friends foundation, collecting 600 euros to cover the costs

Lucette is one of them. Seeing the dog arrive, she exclaims “Oh my titou! Luckily you’re here!” In the corridors of the floor, it is a real meeting of eight residents around Frisky, a resident’s labrador, visiting. “For me it’s normal that it is allowed, because animals are part of us” explains Mauricette, an 80-year-old resident. “I’ve had them all my life, so when the dogs came here I opened my heart to them.”

“It is part of the life of the structure”

The idea of ​​bringing a dog into the life of the Ephad came about with the aim of overcoming the isolation of the elderly. The residents then took part in his arrival with pleasure, going so far as to make him a niche.

“Samuel had to stay in the yard at times. But the residents themselves would open the door for him! In other words, he is never in the doghouse” laughs Yaya, animator of the hospital. “They even leave him their sofa” continues Celine. “During the first confinement, we can say that it became a work tool. I went to see the residents with him and it brightened up their day.”

Dogs, an opportunity to come together
Midi Libre – Shiny Hervais

Former homeless dog, adopted at the SPA, Yaya explains that he has “Never tried to run away. It’s a paw, which only barks at outsiders, especially ambulance attendants and funeral directors.” For the director of the establishment, “He is part of the life of the structure, accompanies the team and lives with the residents.”

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