Sète: the guardians of Thau, for once, strolled more than picked up on the Lido

“What a joy to see the cleaner sand obtained by citizens who have become a little more civic!” The latest waste hike organized by the Guardians of Thau association on the Sète Lido ended with a smile! If this one made the volunteers travel kilometers (up to the 3 dikes), the collection turned out to be lighter than usual.

Small waste

“Small waste spotted at the top of the beach, always the same: wipes, paper, packaging, plastic bottles and especially cigarette butts. Compared to our specialized cigarette collections, a few years ago, we can say that ‘there has been an effort and a big awareness of the citizens. But the path is still long on the edges of the promenade where no ashtray (although we have been asking for it for years) is placed to avoid this harmful pollution for the sea”, says the association.

The types of waste collected on and along the beach.

Next meeting on January 29

Believing to be little listened to by elected officials, but finally by citizens, the structure, which has been campaigning on a voluntary basis for 11 years of volunteering, recalls another collection, “Three years back, when we were in a rage picking up waste that could have been avoided”.

The next cleaning action is in any case already scheduled for Saturday January 29, this time at the Salins de Villeroy, near the equestrian center, along the lagoon. From 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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