Sète: the children of the Class’à Manitas gave their very nice concert, to applause

School children in Arago, this year they inaugurated a music learning experience with the Manitas de Plata conservatory.

“It was very good…” Emile has eyes that shine. At 8 years old, this schoolboy from Arago has just performed on the main stage of the auditorium of the Manitas de Plata conservatory, in Sète. Trombone in hand, with all his little classmates from the Class’à Manitas, who carry trumpets, saxophones, transverse flutes, clarinets… A great musical adventure, carried out in a CE2 of a school located in a neighborhood priority of city policy. A human adventure, which allowed young Sète women and men and women to take control, for a year, of instruments which they sometimes did not even know existed, to learn to play them and to end up giving this famous concert which leaves Emile happy.

The saxophone section of the Arago school!
Noon Free – Caroline Froelig

Complicated the trombone? A little, admits the child. “There are plenty of notes to play, but you don’t know them all! You have to purse your lips and blow at the same time. And for the low notes, you loosen up a bit…” While the other students are in the process of bringing their precious instruments back to their teachers at the conservatory, the concert over and their hearts a little heavy, the boy continues: “Every Tuesday, we came here. Our teacher was nice. He played us Harry Potter, The Snow Queen and Star Wars!”

A school year of work

Every Tuesday, therefore, since September 2021, and after a first solemn handover of the instruments loaned, in this same auditorium, in November, the teachers of the conservatory welcomed 26 children, most of whom were completely discovering these instruments and this music.

Farès, Djibril, Emile, Rosalie, Nora, Joana, Kayliaah, Kamal, Taha, Salma, Aya, Islam, Nolam, Tim, Sacha, Badis, Sahel, Noham, Rania, Alexandre, Kelyan, Jordan, Amir, Cirine, Samy and Gabriel have made false notes, galore! But they learned to take notes, to listen to each other, to play together. And their teachers from Arago, Aurore Zeitounian and Jean-Pierre Trenga, also made full use of this experience in their work in class.

A success of the “Educational City” which will be renewed

The Class’à Manitas was launched as part of artistic and cultural education and thanks to the “Educational City” label obtained by the City of Sète. And in the end, it’s a successful partnership between the City, the Manitas de Plata Conservatory and the Montpellier Academy. The deputy mayor of Sète, Corinne Azaïs, expressing her enthusiasm for these results. David Raymond, deputy academic director for Hérault has also announced two good news: first of all, there will be a second year of existence in 2022-2023 for the Class’à Manitas at the Arago school and then, will be created in another establishment a class with arranged hours music, option choral singing. To be continued !

And now this Tuesday, June 21, in the auditorium, it is “Armstrong”, by Claude Nougaro, that Emile and his girlfriends and friends played. “Normally the trombone only does the bass, but since I play well, the teacher taught me Armstrong and I did the theme too”he announces, a little proud, all the same.

Some will continue…

He liked these classes where two of his friends argued, these lessons, this music. But for him, the adventure really ends with this concert. “It’s far from home, it’s expensive. And I wanted to join the gym. And above all, you have to do music theory, it takes time”, he slips. Even if today, when the whole room applauded, “it was good…”

Great joy for school children at the call of their name.

Great joy for school children at the call of their name.
Noon Free – Caroline Froelig

Farès, he should return to the conservatory. His mom is excited! “It’s great that they had access to all of this. They loved it! I was afraid it would be away from them, and it was great. When he came back and he had learned, two or three notes, he was happy! It’s a great experience! It makes you want to!” Just after the concert, she had also planned to go to the reception of the conservatory. “He got hooked on the clarinet. I’ll find out for next year…” The Class’à Manitas will spread.

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