Sète: swim at the foot of the Sea Theater

What are the urban beaches? Back to the one hidden at the foot of the Théâtre de la Mer.

It is a beach with a very special look that stretches out at the foot of the Théâtre de la Mer. Past the steep entrance to the Saint-Pierre site and its terraces, you glide gently towards this space at the edge of the water, sand, but mostly rocks.

A family beach

This beach changes appearance over time. The light tide transforms the landscape there and a palette of colors unfolds throughout the day, giving the setting the look of a postcard. It is this place that some families have chosen to sunbathe.

Among the summer visitors settled at the water’s edge are two families whose children hunt crab in the ponds. “They like it so much that they ask to come every morning! So we go for a walk as soon as possible” explains Violette, mother of two adventurers aged 8 and 10. “Crabs, fish, sea urchins, they even saw an octopus once! But they are on the lookout not to step on a sea urchin. Fortunately the water is clear!”

The creek is a unique place of pleasure
Midi Libre – Shiny Hervais

For their part, Lauriane and Morgan, a young couple who came with their 5 and a half year old toddler, put on special shoes for him to enjoy the experience. “There are places where it’s not very clean, it’s a shame” says the young woman. Note that the couple, anxious to have the greenest holidays possible, travels the city by bike. “It’s nice that there are bike paths to come to the beach” rejoices the father of the family, “and you can put the bikes everywhere”.

A beach, atmospheres

Olivier and Svetlana are settled on the rocks, their feet in the water. Their steps guided them to their secondary residence, not far from there. “I’m from the South-West. The Basque Country, Bayonne, the Landes… I have to admit that I don’t really like the beaches in the region. It’s just my opinion, but I find them ugly! By cons I love creeks like this and the Thau lake” explains the vacationer. For his part, his companion is “less radical”.

It is also not uncommon to see young people pass the balustrade which borders the cliff, on the heights of the terraces, to dive in search of strong sensations. When the premises are not used as an extension to the Théâtre de la Mer during major summer events!

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